Universal Design


Many helpful cues

With an ineo system the user decides how he wants to work, not vice versa. All of our products feature a logical interface design, intuitive setting procedures and clear instructions – that as well as numerous visibility-enhancing features make our ineo so simple, straightforward and convenient to use. Here are just some of the many useful ineo features to ensure that visibility will never be a problem:

  • All ineo products are equipped with a large and logically structured touchscreen that is easy to operate and in which the letters, numbers and error messages can be enlarged up to 16 times for improved readability.
  • Both the touchscreen and the control panel are clear, intuitive and concise in their design. Bright orange and blue LEDs are clearly visible; and the simple layout requires no previous experience or special skills to begin operation.
  • Voice guidance
    - The ineo mobile printing app supports the native voice guidance of mobile devices
    - Explains control screens, function keys and basic operations
    - Voice commands for key functions, vocal messages to guide operation, voice verification of current ineo settings
    - Voice volume and voice speed adjustable to suit individual user’s needs
    - Extremely helpful for the vision-impaired or any user who has trouble reading touchscreen menus
  • Contrasting colours against a dark grey background and bright consistent colouring, especially for frequently used keys, make operation steps faster, easier and more precise.
  • Most importantly, the interface design is similar on all ineo models – so once a user is familiar with one system he can easily use them all!
  • Colour coding identifies similar actions and clearly indicates critical machine parts, avoiding potential harm to the user. Explicit instructions inform on the required operation steps and prevent mishandling or user mistakes. Clear, visual direction on how to change toner, replace paper, remove a possibly occurring paper jam, etc. helps minimise downtimes.